Municipalities & Schools

Estabrook & Chamberlain understands the unique insurance requirements for municipalities and schools. We’ll work with you to identify not only the general risks you face, but also the exposures that are specific to your town or school. In addition to tailoring products and services to your specific needs, we also work to support your mission and long-term sustainability.

Coverage Examples

» Abuse & Molestation
» Academic Security Risk
» Auto Fleets
» Boiler & Machinery
» Bonds
» Cyber Liabiltiy
» Earthquake, Flood & Windstorm
» Educators Legal Liability
» Employment Practices Liability
» Fine Arts
» General Liability

» Inland Marine
» Intellectual Property
» Law Enforcement Liability
» Pollution
» Property Insurance
» Public Officials Liability
» Sexual Misconduct
» Student Accident
» Trustee Liability
» Tuition Refund
» Workers’ Compensation