The best auto insurance provides the right amount of coverage for your needs, at the best price. In the past, Massachusetts auto insurance rates were set by the state. Now, “managed competition” is the law, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options when it comes to coverage and pricing. Examples of this are choosing the right coverage amounts for property loss or damage and personal liability. Or, whether you should lower premium costs by “self-insuring” – choosing a higher deductible.

To help you make the right choices, our trained staff will work with you – showing you the pros and cons of all options to ensure the coverage you choose suits your needs and budget. We also offer insurance for classic/antique cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, boats and more. Click below for more information.

Things to consider

  • Deductible amount 
  • Safe driver credit
  • New youthful driver in the family  
  • Multiple car discount
  • Senior drivers
  • Homeowner/auto account discount
  • Low mileage discount
  • Anti-theft device discounts
  • In-auto devices (phone, computer, GPS, etc.)


Coverage For Other Vehicles

Classic & Antique Cars

Whether you own one or several classic cars or antiques, we can insure them with low-premium options from Grundy Worldwide. You predetermine the value of your vehicle. When the value is approved, it becomes the coverage limit for your policy. If you have a total loss, you receive the “agreed value” amount, no questions. You can choose to buy up to $500,000 in liability benefits. This is well above the standard limits. Your policy gives you unlimited hobby use of your vehicle for collector activities, cruise nights, exhibits and parades. The program is endorsed by MAAC.

Other Vehicles

In addition to coverages for cars and trucks, Estabrook & Chamberlain offers insurance protection for a wide range of vehicles including:


Call or click today to find out how affordable quality insurance coverage can be.

Informative Videos

Personal Auto Limits

Personal Umbrella Policy