Read & Ride Winners

Estabrook & Chamberlain partnered with the West Bridgewater public library again this year to sponsor the 2019 Summer Reading Program. As in past years, the program’s intent is to help kids expand their knowledge and horizons through reading. The Read & Ride program also offers young readers the chance to win a new bike – just for reading one book over the summer.

This year’s participation was outstanding once again and we’re proud to announce the winners.

Back row (left to right)  Nanette Ryan, Tom Chamberlain and Noah Edlund

Front Row (left to right) Elena Mulcahy, Aiden Cappiello, Christian O’Connor, Isabella Patenaude, Severiana Pacheco, Shea Marchetti and Ava Dragonetti.

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Canadian Cards

We’ve written about this in the past, but as the warm weather approaches and people begin to plan their Summer vacations, a reminder doesn’t hurt.

U.S. citizens driving over the border will need to show evidence of auto insurance when they travel into Canada. For our customers planning to visit the Great White North, this Summer or anytime, we can issue a card for you. To obtain yours, call or stop by our office. Best to do it now, before vacation planning gets too hectic.

Insurance 101

Your child just graduated college, which means they’re prepared to face the world on their own, right? Maybe. While college may have provided them with insight on some of the most advanced subjects, many college grads lack a basic understanding of everyday finances – in particular, the value and necessity of insurance.

Smart parents will have taught their kids how to balance a checkbook or how to prepare a simple budget, but when it comes to teaching their kids about insurance, many parents get a failing grade. This is unfortunate because young adults with an understanding of the benefits of renters’ insurance, coverage limits, liability insurance and more are much better prepared to face the world than those who do not.

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Kitchen Vigilance

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires! Most people have heard that ovens and stove tops pose a very real danger to kids, but you may be surprised to learn that home fire dangers abound in the kitchen. In a recent report, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) identified the leading factors in home cooking fires:

32% – Equipment unattended
11% – Abandoned or discarded materials
9% – Heat source too close to combustibles
8% – Misuse of material
8% – Stove/oven unintentionally turned on/off
7% – Failure to clean

It’s well known that the threat of kitchen fires increases during the holidays when large meals are prepared and people have a lot on their mind. But as you can see from the data above, it pays to be vigilant in the kitchen all year long.

Flood Lessons

Many in Massachusetts who don’t live near the ocean think they don’t need flood insurance. However, as the hurricanes that devastated parts of the Carolinas last year so vividly illustrate, flood insurance is always worth considering.

Those who live near brooks, creeks, and rivers should think seriously about flood insurance because significant rainfall that occurs quickly, or over a sustained period, can easily cause waterways to overflow, putting nearby residents in peril. Such was the case in 2018 for many homeowners in the Carolinas. The same thing could easily happen in Massachusetts – even in areas that have never flooded before.

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2019 Summer Read & Ride Program

Estabrook & Chamberlain is, once again, proud to sponsor the annual Read & Ride program in association with the West Bridgewater Public Library. The purpose of the program is to encourage kids to expand their horizons and have fun through reading.

To participate, kids simply have to register, in an appropriate age group, and pledge to read just one book over the program period – June 24th to August 2nd. The lucky winners* will receive a new bike! Winners will be drawn at the library on Friday, August 2nd at 11:30 a.m.

Parents are urged tell their kids about the program and get them involved. It’s fun and rewarding, so be sure to stop by the West Bridgewater Public Library and sign up today.

Registration forms may also be obtained at our office – 45 Main Street in Bridgewater.

* Previous winners are not eligible.