College Coverage Questions

Being able to extend your insurance coverage to your children is a real benefit when your kids are young, but what happens when they go off to college? Are they still covered? Does it matter if they live on campus or off? These and many more questions have many parents wondering about how well protected their kids will be while attending college.

Generally, to be considered an insured, a college student living away from home must be attending classes “full time”, as defined by the school. This being the case, it’s important for them not to drop classes or do anything else that may cause their status to change. Doing so could result in a gap in property and/or liability coverage.

Typically, students living off campus are not covered under their parents policy. In cases where coverage is available, it may be significantly limited. This can be a real concern given the cost of items such as cell phones, computers, TVs, etc. That’s why it’s important to check your specific policy. If no coverage is available, renters insurance is strongly recommended. In addition to coverage for possessions, renters policies often provide coverage for living expenses if the rented premises become unlivable.

Auto insurance is also a concern. If a student living away at school uses the family car while at home, they should remain as a listed driver on the parent’s policy. Discounts are available based on the distance from home and the student’s access to the car. If the student will have a family car on campus, then the insurer should be notified as the change in garaging may mean a change in premium. To learn more about insurance coverage for your child at school, call or stop by our office today. We’ll be glad to review your coverage and recommend the best “course” of action for you and your student.