Short-Term Rentals

A new law regarding short-term rental properties in Massachusetts went into effect on July 1st. The law covers the regulation, registration and taxation of short-term rental properties such as those offered on Airbnb. Under the law, short-term rentals are defined as a period of less than thirty-one consecutive calendar days. Persons who do no more than fourteen days of short-term rentals in a calendar year can file for an exemption with the DOR. However. they are still liable to register and maintain the required liability insurance.

The new law includes a number of rules for operators of short-term rentals. A provision that directly impacts homeowners or renters is that they must notify their insurers of their intent to do a short-term rental. Liability insurance and other requirements may apply, so it’s important for those participating in short-term rentals to become familiar with the new law, which can be read at: