Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

We can help make sure your special day is tear-free.

Wedding insurance will cover the lost costs that result from a wedding postponement that is no fault of the wedding party. Two examples of this would be and ill-timed hurricane or a fire that burns down the venue.

A comprehensive wedding insurance policy will cover the expenses involved in cancelling or postponing a wedding due to events beyond the control of the insured. Most wedding insurance will also include $1,000,000 of liability insurance to cover an injury to a guest, damage to the wedding facility, and host liquor liability. There is some built-in liability coverage under your homeowners policy.

Wedding insurance also provides the following coverages:

  • Repair or replacement of the bride’s dress or the groom’s tuxedo if they are lost or damaged.
  • Reimbursement for lost deposits if a vendor goes out of business or declares bankruptcy before your wedding.
  • If the rings are lost, they will be replaced

The starting cost for wedding insurance is $160.