Frozen Pipes

Now is the best time to protect yourself. Last winter’s bitter cold caught many homeowners by surprise and led to unexpected repair bills and cleanup costs related to burst pipes and the resulting water damage. A crack in a pipe as small as 1/8” can gush water up to 10+ gallons an hour, causing serious damage. To lessen the chances of a burst pipe, here are some steps you can take:

Insulate exposed pipes in crawl spaces and attics, even in climates where freezing is uncommon. The more insulation, the better.

Wrap pipes in appropriate (indoor/outdoor) UL approved heat tape or thermostatically controlled heat cables. Install/apply as directed.

Use caulk or insulation to seal all cold air leaks near pipes. Even tiny openings can cause a pipe to freeze.

Disconnect outdoor hoses and use indoor valves to shut off and drain water from pipes leading outside.

We would be happy to discuss the above suggestions with you. Please call or visit our office today.